iPhone SE 2020

2020 is not a good year for any industry than just tech world but rather than having proper launch of a device with press and media, it’s going online on youtube, facebook, etc. .

Then, there’s Apple, who dropped the new iPhone SE 2020 on their website late april of 2020. Soon after it was announced, it came to India and while being priced at $399 in the US, it sat on 42,500 INR in India which translates to about $550 and if we pay just 2,500 rs. more, we can have the Oneplus 8, which wins in most of the criterias. I’m not saying it’s a bad phone but if you’re looking for 2020 design and better battery, then I suggest you stay away from this but if you really want an iPhone but on a serious budget then it’s for you.

It still has the industry leading Apple’s A13 bionic chipset, which so powerful and has a built-in GPU plus its battery friendly.

The camera is a 12 mp shooter which captures amazing shots but due to the single camera there’s no night mode and no ultra-wide angle lens. The front camera is a 7 mp camera which is also pretty good. The rear camera can do upto 4k 60fps but front can do only upto 1080p. This phone is for people who are upgrading from iPhone 6 to 8 who doesn’t want a big phone or android users on a tight budget.

The screen size is 4.7″ which is a IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1334×750 and it’s not the brightest display and it doesn’t have the bright colors and deep blacks but Apple’s Super Retina Display is best in the industry and is very color accurate. Well, you can splash it with water as it gets IP68 water and dust resistance, so it can submerge 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

There’s no face id like the big brothers but it does get the classic touch id and in these times, with all the masks and stuff, face id is struggling and touch id can be very useful. With only 1,821 mah, which is tiny in 2020 will not get through the day and if you think you can put it on charging and get going in a short time, then I’ll have to break your bubble because it comes with a 5w charger out of the box, it can charge with 18w but you’ll have to buy it separately but it also have wireless charging so you can place it on a dock and charge it.

Now, if you want the latest and greatest then I say go with Oneplus but if you really want an iPhone and you don’t care about the chunky bezels then get it.

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