Samsung vs Samsung

When someone talks about android smartphones, the first name which comes to mind is Samsung. The Korean tech giant has a hand in your home in one way or another. Whether it is in the form of your iPhone screen or your refrigerator or your living room TV etc. It contributes to 17% of total GDP of South Korea. Samsung is the innovator of most of the “firsts” in the market like foldable phones, curved displays, a 108MP camera and many other things.

Samsung holds two major launches in a year, first for the S line-up and second for the Note line-up and now for the Fold line-up too. They always have the most cutting edge technology with the most premium design ever but there has to be a catch, there’s always a catch. Samsung releases two variants of their flagship phones. One Qualcomm’s Snapdragon version and other their in-house Exynos chip.

This year too, Samsung brought to market their new S20 series with the same tradition as ever. The US, Canada and now their home, South Korea got the Snapdragon whereas the whole world got the Exynos and Exynos has been the inferior cousin to the Snapdragon. Previously, there was a gap in performance and it grew substantially in 2020.

The Galaxy S20 series starting at a $999 price tag and the S20 Ultra priced and $1399 is not at all cheap. This year, the S20 got either the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos 990. While paying that premium you know that there is a person also paying the same but getting a better phone with 5g, while being the same phone.

People started to have major issues and bugs with their S20 devices, like screen turning green in black background of the display, problems with cameras and many more like that. Chipset is the brain of a smartphone and when things in the brain goes south, every component will slow down or have some kind issue with it.

Snapdragon version also captures better pictures, now you would ask that with the same hardware how is that possible? But software is equally important in a perfect shot and with better ISP or Image Signal Processing, the Snapdragon pulls ahead. It is also smoother during those long or gaming sessions and heat up less. When a chip starts to heat up, the Thermal Throttling starts to dial down the performance and when the chip heat less, it doesn’t need to bring down the performance, which is the case in Snapdragon but not in Exynos.

The community lived with it for a long time but not anymore. There was a petition for Samsung to stop selling inferior Exynos phones to us. It had over 40k signatures, 44,843 to be exact, which may not sound a lot but these are not actual numbers as these are the tech savvy people in their own circles, like one person from a family or friends group. They are the people whom others come to when they have a tech related question. So, you can think of the estimated number of they are connected to.

Leaked rumours say that Samsung is working on the Exynos 992 based on a 6nm process which could be a major improvement over the 990.

Leaks also say that Samsung will partner with AMD for their S21 series to improve their Exynos chip and to bring to Qualcomm’s level but it is not going anytime soon. But if they pull this off with AMD, they could be back in the game.

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