WWDC 2020

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference has started and on day one, we have all the software for the whole Apple ecosystem. So, let’s get straight into it.

iOS 14

The new iOS 14 comes with a lot of software tweaks here and there. So, we have something that Android had since its origin, that is, Widgets for the homescreen. Apple showcased a bunch of cool widgets and a smart widget called the ‘Smart Stack’ basically it stacks up all the widgets in one place and you swipe to see any info you want, plus it’s called smart for a reason, so it changes throughout the day, for example, it’ll show you the news in the morning, etc.

It now also have a App Library, so you can turn off the million app pages on the home screen. Also Siri is also improved, it now doesn’t take up all the screen than just pop out at the bottom of the screen, same goes with call notifications. Now, coming to Apple Maps, it gets some subtle changes like the cycling directions, it shows, literally, the shortest route to your destination, including if you have stairs in your way or my personal favourite, elevation changes. Also EV routing, it tracks your car’s charge and recommend stops in the way and also which is more suitable to your car.

Talking about Apple with cars, it gets the all new Car Key feature, you can use your phone as the keys, plus you can also share and retract it from someone, too. It now also gets Picture-in-picture, On-device dictation, a translate app and new Memojis. For messages, it has new in line messages in which you can also use mentions.

iPadOS 14

It also gets all the bells and whistles from iOS 14 but just a tad more. Like the App sidebars, a Universal search, Compact siri and calls UI and that’s about it. Main changes come to the Apple Pencil, It has the all new Scribble, it allows you to convert your handwriting to text like we saw on Galaxy Note 10 line-up. It also has new ARKit 4, Shape recognition for whatever you draw and Smart Selection which recognises the context and can make calls, FaceTime, etc.

watchOS 7

Apple Watch… Mini iPhone on your wrist, Apple made some major changes to it. First up, it has a new handwashing feature which uses the mic in the watch to hear the soap and water and time to 20 seconds, neat and new wind down feature which dims your iPhone and get you ready to go bed, speaking of bed, it finally gets sleep tracking. That cycling in maps is also present in the new watchOS and also watch face sharing and new workouts.


The big highlight of the Macs are the switch to new in-house chips from Intel and Tim Cook also said that this transition would take place in 2 years, which is a reasonable time. Now coming to the updates, we have a new control centre, streamlined app design, inline replies are here too ana all-new notification center with redesigned Dock which I, personally, not a fan of.

And that’s been it, from the day 1 on the WWDC 2020

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