Samsung Galaxy Note 20

So, the ultimate super spec, “Phablet” is finally official. The Galaxy Note 20 series is here and its packing some serious stuff. Along with the Note 20 series, Samsung launched four other devices, that are, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, the Galaxy Beans, sorry, the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Tab S7 and Tab S7+ at the Galaxy Unpacked event.

So, first up, Specs. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is rocking a gigantic 6.9″ Quad HD+ super AMOLED 120hz curved display with, I think, thinner than human hair bezels and tiny punch-hole for front camera. The screen resolution is 3088×1440 with 496 ppi, so the every content you watch is gonna be crisp and very clear but there’s a asterisk, you still can’t use 120hz with Quad HD resolution or vice versa. There’s new adaptive refresh rate, so what it does is, whenever you’re not using the phone, it can drop down to just 1hz and that helps in saving the battery life.

The Note 20, however, gets a 6.7″ Full HD+ 60hz flat screen and the bezels and the punch-hole is much bigger than the Ultra. The screen resolution is 2400×1080 with 393 ppi. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the Note 20 later down the blog.

Now, coming to the cameras, the Note 20 Ultra has a triple camera setup with main shooter being a 108mp(f/1.8) with OIS, an ultra-wide 12mp(f/2.2) with a 120° field of view and a 5x 12mp(f/3.0) tele-photo and also a laser auto-focus sensor. The Samsung realized there mistake and ditched the 100x space zoom down to 50x and with the new laser auto-focus sensor the focusing of the subject is super fast. Now, the dynamic range is also improved, so basically, all the problems of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is fixed. So, the talking about the video, both the Galaxy Note 20s can shoot upto 8k 24fps.

And the Galaxy Note 20 also has a triple camera setup, the main shooter is a 12mp(f/1.8) with OIS, a 12mp(f/2.2) ultra-wide with a 120° field of view and a 3x hybrid zoom with 64mp(f/2.0) and super zoom going max at 30x. There’s no laser auto-focus sensor in the Note 20. Both the Note 20s have the same 10mp(f/2.2) front facing camera.

Like every other Note, the Galaxy Note 20s get the best ever S pen. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s S pen latency which was 42ms has come down to 9ms and combing that with the 120hz refresh rate, the writing is gonna ultra smooth, the Note 20 Ultra’s S pen has reached the best Apple Pencil smoothness level. The Galaxy Note 20’s S pen is still has 26ms latency, so it’s not gonna just as smooth. The Ultra gets upto 12gb of UFS 3.1 RAM and 256 or 512gb of on-board storage which is expandable and a 4500mAh cell which maybe small but with the new adaptive refresh rate, it can get you through the day.

The Note 20 has a max of 8gb of UFS 3.1 RAM and only option of 128gb of storage with no expandable memory. The battery size is 4300mAh. Both the new Notes have same S pen functionality and comes with a 25 watt fast charger out-of-the-box(I’m talking to you, Apple), they both support wireless charging and wireless powershare with 5g and have a IP68 water and dust resistance.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with the first ever Gorilla Glass 7 aka Victus which is shatter resistant from a 2m drop. Both the Note 20s comes with the wireless DeX so you can connect your TV or laptop wirelessly and make them your computer on-the-go.

When the Galaxy S20s launched, Samsung, like always, gave the world 2 phones, Exynos and Snapdragon. Snapdragon 865 came to US, Canada and their hometown South Korea and the rest of the world got the Exynos 990. Like always there was a performance and battery life gap but it was massive this time. Consumers got furious and started a petition to ban the Exynos chipset but I think Samsung didn’t saw that and went again with the same Exynos 990. The Qualcomm regions got the new Snapdragon 865+ and other regions, including me, got the Exynos 990 and because of that Snapdragon upgrade the gap is seriously increased between the two chips. If you want my whole thoughts then click here.Samsung vs Samsung. Samsung, if you’re reading this, please stop.

For security, both Note 20s get the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with 2d face unlock. This time, Samsung put in an Ultra Wide Band chip which basically helps to transfer and share files easily and fast.

The pricing starts at $1,299 for the Note 20 Ultra and $999 for the Note 20.

Now, let’s talk about Note 20, I think Samsung made this phone to make their A series to look good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great phone but I never said Note series to be overpriced but this time, it is. You get a 1080p 60hz screen with comparatively big bezels and a plastic body and that’s not a way to justify the price. There might a very small group of people who want a flat screen Samsung flagship or the new S pen but can’t afford the Ultra, they would go for this but everyone else should look right-left, like the Oneplus 8 pro or the upcoming iPhone 12 series or even the S20 series. These phones feel more premium and comes with more features. The Note 20 Ultra is still justifies the price and still is the ultra premium phone.

I’m sorry for the Oneplus Nord and Pixel 4a blog. I’ll be posting a comparison of these two with the iPhone SE 2020, so stay tuned for that and also if you liked any of this above then make sure to like, follow and also follow me on Instagram @scuderiavedang.

Check out the link below, it won’t cost you extra to buy but it helps the blog.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Mystic Bronze, 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Mystic Black, 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Mystic Blue, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage)

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