OnePlus 9 Series: Woah!

So, the OnePlus 9 series is finally official and they teased the heck out this lineup, not the phone but cameras. OnePlus partnered with Hasselblad this time and its a long term partnership, 3 years and they say, they have put $150 million. They showed us moonshots, astronauts, earth from the moon. So, this could be interesting. They also showcased a new OnePlus Watch.

Let’s get the specs out of the way, both the phones get a 120hz, Fluid AMOLED 2.0 with 6.55″ FHD+ and 6.70″ QHD+ display for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, respectively with LTPO screen in the Pro which can go from 120hz al the way down to 1hz to save battery. The 9 Pro has slightly curved display and the standard 9 has a flat display, I personally prefer the curved display. The 9 Pro gets a 10-bit display which gives a peak brightness of 1300 nits and OnePlus 9 gives 1100 nits.

Now, the thing OnePlus was so excited to show to the world, the cameras, built in partnership with Hasselblad. So, both the 9 and the 9 Pro gets the same camera system. The main lens is a 48mp(f/1.8) Sony IMX789, which is a 1 inch sensor in a smartphone, there is a 50mp(f/2.2) ultrawide which is supposed to iron out all the distortion at the edges, there is a 3x telephoto on the Pro plus a monochrome sensor on both of them along with a 16mp(f/2.4)

OnePlus is not kidding when it comes to video capabilities, both of them can shoot up to 8k 30fps which is even better than Galaxy S21s and 4k 120fps. Hasselblad has optimized the stills that come out, I haven’t got a chance to test the phone out so I can’t much at this point but I did saw the new camera interface with the Hasselblad orange shutter button and the shutter click sound. Both of them has stereo speakers and while the Pro has an official IP rating, the standard 9 can survive some splashes.

Both of them is powered by the new Snapdragon 888, they come with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage as standard. Fun Fact, still has a 65watt charger in the box, OnePlus calls it the Warp Charge 65T, it can charge the phone in mere 29 minutes and 50watt wireless charger can charge them up in 43 minutes. OnePlus compared it to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which they named “Another Phone” which was charging via cable and OnePlus 9 Pro was charging wirelessly. Both of them has a 4500 mAh cell.

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro comes with exciting new colorways, Morning Mist, Pine Green, Stellar black for the 9 Pro and Winter Mist, Arctic Sky, Astral Black for standard 9. Also, the frame on the standard OnePlus 9 is plastic now to save costs. OnePlus also talked about multiple layers of copper and graphite for heat dissipation away from the processor and the screen. Pricing, the OnePlus 9 costs at $729(Rs.49,999) for 8GB RAM with 128GB storage and OnePlus 9 Pro starts at $969(Rs.64,999) so the slow crawl in price is still going on. I’ll leave the links of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro and also India-Exclusive 9R as soon as they come out.

As a whole, the OnePlus 9 lineup is a complete package and could be the value king this year but the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, its nemesis, is still at the horizon and we’ll to wait and see.

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OnePlus 9 Pro OnePlus 9R

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  1. Well written post and an intriguing phone! Very interested in the camera’s actual performance after being sucked into Samsung’s Galaxy S20 camera hype and being left very disappointed. The first 1”sensor Hasselblad cameras on DJI drones were ok, but not groundbreakingly “wow”.

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