Spring Loaded: Thoughts

So, last night Apple had their first event of 2021 online, obviously. And Apple has shown how a keynote can be turned into a full blown film, I loved the Mission Impossible style break-in and the transitions were awesome, the whole package was screaming potential of Apple.

Disclaimer:- I have some thoughts on it, some confusions and some utter hate, you’ll know why in a minute. Now, this may a little bit confusing for you or I’ll just get myself confused but bare with me, there are some serious Apple needs to figure out. So, I’ll start product-by-product. Also, spoiler alert, my favorite thing from event was the new M1 iPad Pro, my mind was so blown by that that it was chilling with Perseverance rover on Mars.

Apple also showcased the new purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, the new Apple TV 4K with beautiful new remote.


Just as the leaks suggested, it’s like a small coin and with this, Apple really expanded their Find My ecosystem. So, you attach this to your keys, backpacks, purse etc. and kudos to Jon Prosser on the leaks, the design is exactly the same as his leaks. So, it has a U1 chip as the iPhone 12 series and that helps in measuring exact distance from the Tag if its someplace nearby or one interesting thing is if you lost a Tag and someone with an iPhone passes by it, it’ll notify you the location.

iMac 2021

So, after the MacBooks, its time for the iMac refresh. Its a whole redesign, and wow its thin. The whole theme of the event was colors and iMacs are no exceptions, even the ad clip music was “color me”. So, its a 12.4″ 4.5k Retina display, its 11.4mm thin and as Marques pointed out, the reason they had to put headphone jack to the side because the headphone jack is about 14mm deep. It has 4 ports on the back, two if them are Thunderbolt and its powered by the M1 chip. Apple showed how M1 helped them to decrease the thickness of the whole thing. I love the whole design but I wouldn’t mind another inch of thickness and trade for the very, very ugly chin at the bottom of the display.

iPad Pro 2021

Now, the thing I am awed and confused about. The iPad Pro 2021 also gets the ultra powerful M1, so the specs, it now has moved to Mini LED Liquid Retina XDR display than a LCD panel with a peak brightness of 1600 nits, with the M1, it now has a Thunderbolt port, it now has 5G with mmWave in the US, it has upto 2TB of storage with 16GB of memory. It comes in two sizes 11″ and 12.9″. Apple also gave this a quite useful feature, Centre Stage, basically it scans your face and because of its new 122-degree FOV, it keeps you in the center of the screen even you move around and if more one person in the frame, it’ll zoom out and try to keep all of them in frame.

So, onto the confusing part, Apple last year gave the M1 MacBooks and at this point Apple is kind of contradicting themselves because at 12.9″ iPad Pro is just barely smaller than M1 MacBook Air($999) which is a $100 cheaper, sure you can get the 11″ model but that’s $799 and if you’ll be using it like a laptop, you’ll need the Magic Keyboard which is $349 and this is more expensive than MacBook Air.

At this point of time, laptops are laptops but iPads aren’t, so apps Final Cut Pro and many more are not present. FYI, the 2TB iPad Pro 12.9″ is $2,399, so need to be neck deep in the ecosystem to pay that kind money for an iPad. As much I’m blown away by the power of iPad Pro, my favorite product announced in the event, I think I personally would get the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro M1 because I think, there’s more productivity . If you wanna check out my thoughts on Apple Silicon Macs, just click here.

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