2022 Ford F-150 Lighting: Most practical vehicle on the planet

So, EVs, The future, saving the planet and more stuff like that but as they become more and more mainstream, there are options. Tesla has four cars on sale right now and Cybertruck and Roadster is still in hype and being anticipated by people, almost every brand has an EV already on sale or will be in the near future.

Ford, after rolling out the Mustang Mach E and disappointing many Mustang fans, they made history and I mean literally. Ford’s F-150 trucks are most selling and most popular vehicle on the market in US, I saw a documentary in which they said that almost every 53 seconds, a F150 rolls out the assembly line, and that’s a pretty good number. So, now you know the importance of the vehicle in Ford’s lineup and turning that electric is a big step in electrifying the human race.

I’ll get to the practicality in a second but right off the bat, it looks fabulous. Initially, when it came out, I preferred the Cybertruck(I still do) but other than the fact that Cybertruck is made by Elon and me worshipping him, F150 really grew on me. the front lightbar, running across the whole front and same at the back. Since it’s electric, it doesn’t have an engine under the hood, so it also doesn’t need a grill. Absence of the engine made a huge space in front, hence the frunk is bigger than most cars’ boot. It has the ports you may need for your tools or devices, 2 full size wall plugs, a USB Type-C port and a USB type-A port along with a light.

Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk

Coming around the side, it’s still a five-seater with a unibody design. It retains the classic F-150 design, so nothing too crazy *coughs* Cybertruck. That’s what a F150 buyer wants and that’s why they have been buying it for so long. On the inside, It carries the conventional F150 design with some tweaks, like the new 15-inch portrait touchscreen with a physical volume dial, a digital driver’s display. The practicality is also in ample amounts, now as a person who has never seen a F150 in person ’cause its not on sale in India, so bare with me. One of the best features of the cabin is the folding armrest, the gearlever folds flat with a touch of a button and the armrest unfolds into a small table, you can use it eat in the car or put a laptop for your work and things like that. One more thing, in case of a blackout, if its charged, it can power your house up to 3 days. Because it has something called bi-directional charging, it can be charged or return it while being plugged in.

Dash layout of the F-150

That was the interior, you get futuristic interior in almost every car, so what’s the different? Well, its a pickup and it does live up to its name. The F-150 Lightning can tow 10,000 lbs. of weight behind it and can carry 4,000 lbs. on the loading bed. You may ask with this much weight, that must take toll on the range? Well, I can’t say for sure, Ford didn’t released numbers for this and it’ll hit the market next year but the computers in the vehicle monitors the weight and calculates the range based off of it. Now, this may not be relevant to a practical pickup truck but electric cars in general are fast from 0-60 and F-150 Lighting is no exception. It can go from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds, that’s faster than many muscle cars.

Now, let’s talk some numbers, the F-150 Lightning will come with 426hp, 775lb-ft and this will give 230 miles of range but the extended battery pack will give out 563hp, 775lb-ft which will give 300 miles of range. Now what’s the damages gonna be? It starts just under $40k, and this doesn’t include the $7500 federal tax credit, so sounds a pretty sweet deal to me to go electric.

Disclaimer: Now, F-150 has never been on sale in India and I don’t it will be in the near future so these are my thoughts based on the info available publicly. I don’t know pros and cons of the F-150 lineup, its a new car which is electric, looks good and practical and that’s what I saw.

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  1. its great to know the Ford Story and F150 .Liked the EV demand rising in West will boost choices here in India as well .Already a big fan m as I already enjoy Ford SUV , excited to receive newsletter.

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