iPhone 13 lineup

So, after a unplanned hiatus, I’m back and the topic is good to restart again. The most anticipated devises of any year are out and it may not be massive upgrade as people might’ve thought but its still new. So, just like last year, Apple showed off four new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 7(which got […]

iPhone 12s or 13, whatever it is…Let’s talk

So, surviving through the tech news drought. Bloggers like me, tech publications, youtubers, basically all of the industry has nothing to talk about. But I thought, hey! it’s only two months till the 2021 iPhones come out so let’s talk about them. These are leaks from Jon Prosser and Mark Gurman and other leaksters with […]

Going to College? Here’s your tech guide

So, after a difficult year, Class of 2021 has graduated. Now I can’t help you pick out which school to go to but what I can do is pick out best tech so let’s get into it. Now, this guide is what you may need the most, you can always add stuff. From gaming to […]

2022 Ford F-150 Lighting: Most practical vehicle on the planet

So, EVs, The future, saving the planet and more stuff like that but as they become more and more mainstream, there are options. Tesla has four cars on sale right now and Cybertruck and Roadster is still in hype and being anticipated by people, almost every brand has an EV already on sale or will […]

Dub Dub 21: Part Two

So, Apple’s annual developers conference keynote just ended and it was meh… I’m not complaining, except that I am. Its just that I expected more after the mind blowing-Mission Impossible-Tim Cook jumping off the roof Spring Loaded event. Apple did announce many amazing new features though, which I’ll get into a minute. As always, Apple […]

WWDC 2021: Part One

So, its that time of the year when Apple holds their World Wide Developers Conference. At WWDC, on June 7th this year, we usually see software like the new iOS, iPadOS, MacOS versions and not much hardware, except in 2019 when we saw the $50k cheese grater Mac Pro. As the Epic and Apple trial […]


NFTs: Let’s Talk

So, I’m back and sorry for break but I’ve been planning some things for website and that took some time, so I couldn’t write. Anyway, I’m here and let’s do this. I don’t know about you but on my Twitter, Instagram and Google pane, it’s filled with NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. So let’s discuss it. […]

Spring Loaded: Thoughts

So, last night Apple had their first event of 2021 online, obviously. And Apple has shown how a keynote can be turned into a full blown film, I loved the Mission Impossible style break-in and the transitions were awesome, the whole package was screaming potential of Apple. Disclaimer:- I have some thoughts on it, some […]

Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd.

So, world’s most valuable car manufacturer has entered world’s most cutthroat market. Tesla, decades ahead of competition in terms of charging infrastructure, battery tech, autonomous driving and many more. Its doing awesome in China, US and Europe but what all this mean for India? Well, as mentioned above, Indian market is very competitive. Indians want […]

OnePlus 9 Series: Woah!

So, the OnePlus 9 series is finally official and they teased the heck out this lineup, not the phone but cameras. OnePlus partnered with Hasselblad this time and its a long term partnership, 3 years and they say, they have put $150 million. They showed us moonshots, astronauts, earth from the moon. So, this could […]

What’s the T’s about?

So, as the launch of OnePlus 9 series comes closer, I want to talk about the 6 month refresh cycle of OnePlus. Every year OnePlus launches their flagships in the month of March-April and then the ‘T’ version of it in October-November. Let’s talk about, what does the ‘T’ mean? There has been some reports […]

Building a Budget Gaming PC in 2021

So, COVID-19 is still present and it showed us the value of technology and staying connected. Either working from home or reaching that high score in a game, we needed some kind of a computer, either laptop or desktop. A good performance and fast boot times, takes that much frustration away of waiting for everything […]

Galaxy F41: Long Term Review

So, Samsung launch phones almost every minute and they are particularly focusing on the Indian market with India exclusive M series and the new F series. To sum it up, Samsung has their S and Note flagship lineup, Z Foldable lineup, A budget-midrange lineup and M and F India exclusive budget lineup. So, what’s the […]

Galaxy S21 series: Unpacked!

So, its 2021 and if you’re reading this then congratulations, you survived 2020. It’s a new year and good news in raining, the vaccines are finally rolling out and with CES 2021 showing some pretty promising products and software, its the first smartphone launch of the year, the Galaxy Unpacked. In this event, Samsung launched […]

Random Thoughts

So, 2020 is about to end in a few days time and I(people) had some thoughts and the topic for this blog is people’s thoughts on smartphones these days. Everyone is saying that all the smartphones look the same and are boring with no major upgrades from one generation to the next. Well, there can […]

Smartphone Awards 2020

Thumbnail source @mkbhd So, its finally december and a fullstop to the year 2020 and while this might not be great for everybody, its been awesome for tech. We had many launches/unveiling ranging from smartphones to tablets to the new Next-Gen consoles. A bit of disclaimer, the choices below are my personal preferences and what […]

Console Wars

So, it’s the end of 2020 and starting with techtober, we had almost every tech brand announcing something with a million keynotes. Apple held 3 events, Samsung coming out with the best and most expensive Android smartphone aka the Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. OnePlus with their 8T and finally, Google […]

Apple Silicon Macs

First of all, Happy Diwali. Sorry, I’m a little late to the party but better late than never. So, Techtober rolls on to Techvember, sorry Marques. Apple held their 3rd major event in two months, One More Thing. First, they came out with the Apple Watch Series 6 along with the new iPad Air and […]

OnePlus 8T

We have the Pixel 5, the new iPhone 12 non-pro models, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and OnePlus’ own 6 month old flagship, the OnePlus 8. Now, the OnePlus is back with their 6 month refresh cycle and gave us the OnePlus 8T. So, during the first half of 2020, brands were racing towards the […]

iPhone 12 series

So, the most anticipated smartphones of the year are here. Its techober and Apple has unveiled the newest range of iPhones, the iPhone 12 series and this time around, Apple gave us four new iPhones. So, there are two non-pro modals and two pro modals. First is the iPhone 12 mini(5.4″ screen size), iPhone 12(6.1″) […]

Google Pixel 5: The King of Android?

So, its techtember and techober and with holiday season right around the corner, almost every brand is launching their flagships and upgrades to their other accessories, so Google has launched the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G and also the new Chromecast with Google TV and the Nest Audio Speaker. But the main highlight […]

Foldables: Do you need one?

So, it’s been quite a while since a huge change came to the form factor of mobile devices, So Samsung decided,” Okay, we’ll give a tablet that fits in your pocket.” And gave us the first ever Galaxy Fold, a tablet with a folding screen. It raised many eyebrows and was supercool to think that […]

The Midfield Battle

Its 2020 and people don’t have much money lying around to spend on a $1400 flagship. So, the race to the middle is on, with more and more brands launching $400 mid range phones and they’re quite good. So far, we have OnePlus going back to its roots with the Nord, Google, after a billion […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

So, the ultimate super spec, “Phablet” is finally official. The Galaxy Note 20 series is here and its packing some serious stuff. Along with the Note 20 series, Samsung launched four other devices, that are, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, the Galaxy Beans, sorry, the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Watch 3 and the […]

WWDC 2020

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference has started and on day one, we have all the software for the whole Apple ecosystem. So, let’s get straight into it. iOS 14 The new iOS 14 comes with a lot of software tweaks here and there. So, we have something that Android had since its origin, that is, […]

Galaxy A51 vs iPhone SE 2020

As smartphones prices goes through the roof with Galaxy S20 ultra starting at $1399, and not everybody has a kidney to sell. So, for past few years the mid-range market has become popular, with many brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and many big boys like Samsung and Apple, too. As weird as it is to […]

Samsung vs Samsung

When someone talks about android smartphones, the first name which comes to mind is Samsung. The Korean tech giant has a hand in your home in one way or another. Whether it is in the form of your iPhone screen or your refrigerator or your living room TV etc. It contributes to 17% of total […]

OnePlus 8 series

In the era of smartphones, where price tags are sky rocketing comes a brand named Oneplus. The brand is built on a name of “Flagship Killer”. The Generation Z wants everything to be fast and smooth and that’s what Oneplus fundamentally based upon. This brand is focused on all groups of people, weather you are […]

iPhone SE 2020

2020 is not a good year for any industry than just tech world but rather than having proper launch of a device with press and media, it’s going online on youtube, facebook, etc. . Then, there’s Apple, who dropped the new iPhone SE 2020 on their website late april of 2020. Soon after it was […]

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